Ride Revival: From Collision Care to Stress-free Repair

At Auto Recon/Collision Worx, we’re the behind-the-scenes pros who keep Hertz Car Sales’ fleet in top-notch condition all across Florida.

But we’re not just about corporate work—we’re here for your personal vehicle, too, offering top-tier collision repair, interior fixes, mechanical know-how, and first-class detailing services.

Your Car. Our Expertise.

Hertz trusts us for a reason, and you can too. From mechanical wizardry to fixing up your car’s dings and dents, we bring expertise and care to every job. Our goal? Making your vehicle look and perform its absolute best.

Crafting Car Care Perfection

Scratches, scuffs, or worn-out interiors, we’re here to make it all right. Our team doesn’t just fix; we revive.

Consider us your go-to for all things automotive, where skilled hands and a passion for cars meet to deliver exceptional results.

Driven by Excellence.
Defined by Service.

At Auto Recon/Collision Worx, it’s not just about getting the job done—it’s about ensuring you drive away feeling thrilled.

Discover a different kind of automotive care, where professionalism meets a personalized touch.

Call us today or visit one of our locations all across Florida.