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Your Go-To Fleet Reconditioning & Repair Partner

Why use multiple vendors for your dealership reconditioning and repair needs? Auto Recon Collision Worx can handle it all. We’re fast, efficient, and professional. 

Our team of skilled tech wizards and our top-notch facilities are geared up to give your vehicles meticulous attention to detail and a level of service that beats everyone else hands-down.

Give us a call today and let’s talk about how we can help you.


Our detailing pros don’t just clean – they work magic on your vehicles. We’re all about bringing out the best in your fleet, using top-notch products and tricks of the trade to give them that like-new brilliance.

Interior Repairs

Want to transform your inventory’s inside game? From leather restoration to seat repairs to revamping the dashboard, an get ready for an interior makeover where every detail screams perfection. 

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

When professionally applied to a vehicle’s exterior, PPF will protect it from scratches, chips, and other types of damage. Give your fleet long-lasting protection without altering the vehicle’s appearance.

Paint Repairs

Don’t let scratches, chips, or other “battle scars” hurt the appearance and value of your vehicles. Whether it’s a minor blemish or a more extensive paint job, our seamless touch-ups make those imperfections disappear.

Vehicle Photography

Nothing beats professionally-shot, high definition photography for showcasing a vehicle’s best features in your marketing and advertising to potential buyers.

Vehicle Washing

Yes, there is a difference when professionals tackle a task – even something as routine as basic washing. It’s the quickest and most affordable way to keep your fleet looking great.

Wheel Reconditioning

Tired of looking at scuffed, scratched, or worn-out wheels on your inventory? From curb rash repairs to complete refinishing, we’ll make your wheels look as fabulous as the rest of the vehicle.

Window Tinting

Florida’s hot sun makes window tinting a game-changer – from reducing glare to UV protestion to adding a touch of mystery. Window tint lets you offer vehicles that are safe from the sun’s harsh glare and prying eyes.